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08 December 2009


is a real flawless pure human nature tact bond
in our soul, in a way that this typical "thing"
is a need among the human kind

it's such a simply simple way to create a
human link between one to another,
by caring a person simply just giving a hand
to the person or giving a big favor,
so creating a good kind of link between eachother..

and so that very simple mind of thought float up...
shall i help that fellow?
why should i help?
any good return? if i help him up?
why on earth he chose me to help him?
simply just pop out in ur mind...

but you are way too dumb enough,
cause when it's came to helping others...
u dont have a single doubt,
forwardly give a big hand with anything u possible can help
u are dumb sial...

but you dont have a single regret on helping him...
yet, outsider making lots of noise about you...
still you chose to trust him,
yet he has made a decision...
you were there stoning yet is shocked to know such a...
now only realize, u gone far beyond the line
for you this is not an end
is just a another beginning from another end.
your kind of love is not shown on your face,
sadly he cant read that...

as for you, you been through something that so unbelievable,
everything seems to be like clashing in on the same time,
but you chose to hide, not to reveal...
cause this is nothing to deal with him,
is just 2 different factor, 2 different thing.
Cause that is nothing to due with him

he is harsh on u, yet is rational to be truth
yet, you are the person in blind
and your expectation is high on him,
and there you found out what he truthly are..

a very clear statement has been shown,
this is an intercept point,
which allow you to go further...

things that see with naked eyes is
turthly visible,
but there are something hidden,
something that cant be visible,
something that shall use heart to observe..


21 July 2009

Afraid of U

u have been staring on phone hours long,
yet u're simply just afraid of her,
but u have tons of question to ask her,
and u dare not...

u're scared, yet u are still loving her,
U dare not talk to her,
cause might annoying her.
U dare dare not meet her,
cause she might got hatred on u.
U dare not sms her,
cause she might feel irritating.
U dare not stared at her,
cause u scared u fall for her.
U dare not confess to her,
cause u scared u cant even be friend.
U dare not remember her,
cause u scared u fall even deeper.

U goes with her heart and flow with her,
yet she feel u are unreliable...
U caring for her everything,
yet she feel u are controlling her...
U're rationally dint contact her in time,
yet she feel left out and angry of u....
U concern her's incident everything in living,
yet she feel u are very disturbing...
U were having hard time still u date her out,
yet she angry u cause u emo there...

U tried very hard to forget her but fail
U tried not to put feeling on her but fail
U tried to find another girl to replace her but fail
U tried ....



that thing what u truly desire for...
which u very craving for it,
u will get that for anything necessary

humanity is just simply obvious but...
is just that we don't like things that
too simplify, so direct or simply simple,
people like things in fancy, so we have to
fulfill that,
we like to test on people's feeling just
to satisfy own curiosity which make no

ur personality way too defensive,
yet u are way too jealousy of everything...


18 July 2009

Self Branding

Hmmm... "forward" will be my slogan cause
the passed is history and we cant stop there,
yet the time is ticking, and so the things around
change. Our destiny , faith is on our hand, and
u can manipulate ur way of life.

No matter how badly u have fail before,
No matter how bad the condition are,
No matter how bad things happened on u...
Never stays there! keep forward ,
keep thinking the next move

On the other sides...
U must work hard , which putting alots of effort,
but with 100% wrong feeling on what u did...
In other words mean "Dare to failed "

Assignment done!


Why people divorce in young age?

in young age we fall in love harshly,
which goes along with instinct and
meaning no proper planing taken.

As in really have to live together after
marriage which every "living needs" is
base on the wife and the man "in charge".
That very time onwards is critics because
it will bring in alots of factor involving
with parents, money, responsibility and so
the others which will clash in your marriage
live, those issues cannot be forfeit but to
accept and face it!!

And so some young marriage cant take it and
they fade up which causing them to divorce.
But on the other page, some young marriage
divorce just for the freedom of being single
cause during the marriage period they are like
a bird locked in a cage which is craving to
sore in the sky...

My words, please be serious on your decision
and be impeccable of your decision ,marriage is
a commitment ,a promise, an intercept point ...
never fool with that...

for ...
assignment done!


18 June 2009


try to imagine, 1day u died and no one
in front of tomb that spare a single tears
on u, which u are a nobody and yet no one
remember u, no one recognize u.

fame of a person do important and cant be
forfeit or denied, cause that will be our
"everything" ,without fame/popularity u are
nothing, and nothing meaning u don't worth
to live on earth...

interacting to one and another
do means alot, or thought just simply a
chitchat among friends still u are creating
a connection, fame to public. in other words,
being a somebody, which is outstanding
personality and good behavior shall in present...

a good popularity must come with appearance,
which will lead to many opportunity and
credits in job, cause now societies are
looking appearance of person in 1st place,
if cant even handle that, u are soooo screwed

End of presentation =]
offer by my loverly lecture

MS.Bina =3


17 June 2009

How people Learning in Future

In this very century,
there are tons of information are needed
in our society and yet we are lacking alots
of it, still there are millions new
information will be clash in!!!
and the most common way to gather information
is from the Internet...
try to imagine that u able to access the
network every spot of the world,
and everything is in ur device,
which u able to collect every information
by just a blink of second!!!

In my view, after 100years
there is no longer text book in exists
everyone will be using
highly intelligent super computer,
which will be computer lecturing student,
instead of listen lecturer in class...

people can get every information
in just a finger tips away,
that will be referring to E-learning which
able to sort everything in a device including
news, novel, dash board, notes and so other

the future is just a wonder,
which needed peopel to discover,
and those people is us =3



just a simple guy



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